Our Legacy: Delta Force Security

Your Safety Beacon in Washington State

Delta Force Security is a veteran-owned and operated security company, committed to ensuring the physical and digital safety of businesses and organizations. Leveraging the expertise of war veterans and advanced technology, we offer comprehensive security solutions tailored to your needs.

Our Origin: A Story of Service

Our journey began in 2023 when a band of battle-hardened Afghanistan War veterans chose to lend their expertise to protecting businesses and organizations. By intertwining their rich experiences with state-of-the-art technologies, we’ve crafted a uniquely holistic approach to security.

Our Expertise:Your Armor

Our service portfolio spans:

Our Commitment: Unwavering Vigilance

We are an all-American team dedicated to safeguarding your peace of mind. Our ethos demands relentless protection of your valuable assets, driven by our real-world experiences and understanding of the security industry.

Our Promise: Integrity and Excellence

Our promise extends beyond the client, reaching the community. Actively supporting various veteran organizations, we aspire to serve the society that nurtured us. For more about Delta Force Security, reach us at [email protected] Your security is our mission.