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Munir Noori

Master Trainer & COO

As the linchpin of our operations and head trainer, Munir Noori embodies the epitome of leadership and tactical wisdom. Forged in the crucible of the Afghan Special Forces and tempered through key roles in tactical command with Blackwater, Munir’s adeptness in navigating the labyrinth of high-stakes scenarios is unparalleled. His strategic foresight and command prowess are the fruits of relentless engagements with formidable foes like the Taliban. Beyond the battlefield, Munir’s expertise as a security sage has fortified the ramparts of Washington state’s security landscape, contributing significantly to major security endeavors. His rich tapestry of experiences in local and international arenas marks him as a distinguished architect of safety and stability.

Mojtaba Yosufzada


Coming soon.

Abdul Amani

The Security Vanguard

Abdul Amani has made a significant impact on Delta Force Security with his unparalleled commitment and expertise in both physical and cybersecurity. His profound understanding of security threats, combined with his innovative approach to security solutions, has played a vital role in the safety and success of our clients. Abdul’s dedication to service and excellence embodies the core values of our team.

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