Commitment Beyond Borders: No Hero Left Behind Initiative

About Safety Beacon in No Hero Left Behind

Rooted in unity and shared experiences, “No Hero Left Behind” is a collaborative program we have crafted with our Afghan compatriots now currently living in America.

Our close bond was nurtured through years of living, working, and sharing meals together in Kabul, Afghanistan. Through this, we gained an immense respect for their sacrifices made in support of the U.S. mission.

Our commitment is driven by two key objectives:

  • To create immediate job opportunities for Afghans who are stuck in Afghanistan who have previously stood shoulder to shoulder with us, highlighting their remarkable skills and unwavering belief in democracy and the American way of life.
  • To arm these individuals with modern skills to enable them to thrive in their new environments. We aim to provide them with a robust toolkit to ensure their success in future pursuits.

“No Hero Left Behind” combines the priceless contributions of our Afghan colleagues with our joint hopes for a brighter tomorrow, fostering empowerment and unity at each step.

Afghanistan: Yesterday and Today

Our tenure in Afghanistan allowed us a firsthand look at the distressing conditions most Afghans faced, even during relatively stable periods. Today, under Taliban rule, the economy and social structure are on the verge of collapse. The absence of global recognition for the Taliban government, along with the curtailment of women’s rights, underscores the urgent need for aid and support for those abandoned in Afghanistan.

Our Backstory

The narrative of “No Hero Left Behind” begins with three American defense contractors and their successful endorsement of numerous Afghan Special Interest Visas (SIVs). Thus far, we have aided over three dozen families, helping them to escape from Afghanistan and begin new lives in the U.S.

Understanding SIV

The SIV program assists Afghan nationals who have worked in certain capacities in Afghanistan for at least a year between October 7, 2001, and December 31, 2023. The key requirement is that they must have a positive evaluation from their supervisor, prove they face serious ongoing threats due to their employment, and apply by December 31, 2024. Our initiative aims to extend help to those eligible for this program.

“No Hero Left Behind – Because We Believe Every Life Deserves A Chance.”