Our Services: Your Safety Shield

Our Services: Your Safety Shield

Personal Security Detail (PSD) (Armed)

From airport to auction, we provide professional, highly trained armed security personnel for your safety during travel.

On-site Security (Unarmed)

Maintain a secure environment with our unarmed security professionals, experts in conflict resolution and prevention.


For events of all sizes, we ensure the security logistics are well taken care of for the safety of all attendees. (Picture: An image of a large event with security in place)

Parking Patrol

We provide efficient patrolling services for parking spaces, ensuring a safe environment and the deterrence of any malicious activity.


Experienced and vigilant bodyguards are available to always ensure your personal safety.

Complex Security

From residential complexes to business parks, our security team ensures a secure, safe environment.

Cyber Security Services: Fortifying Your Digital Frontiers

Security Architecture & Engineering Design Services

We provide robust security architecture design to ensure your digital assets are protected from all threats.

Security Architecture Health Check

Our comprehensive security architecture analysis identifies gaps and provides full remediation options.

Zero Trust Architecture

Stay a step ahead of breaches. Our proactive approach ensures detection as soon as they occur.

Data Loss Prevention

We provide solutions to prevent data breaches, exfiltration, and destruction of sensitive data.

Descopes Customized Solutions

We provide custom Descopes solutions to ensure seamless integration of security into your development pipeline.

Identity and Access Management Solutions

Control who has access to your resources with our robust IAM solutions.

System Hardening

Our system hardening services ensure your systems are fully secured against present and future threats.

Splunk & SIEM Services

Centralized Logging and Data Optimization Services

We offer centralized logging and data optimization services to ensure efficient handling of your security events.

Splunk Consulting Services

From Splunk Enterprise Security to Splunk ITSI, we offer consulting services for all your Splunk needs.

SIEM Deployments & Tuning

We provide deployment and tuning services for your SIEM systems to ensure optimal performance.

End-to-End Data Security Solutions

From data onboarding to securing your data, we provide comprehensive data security solutions.

Offensive Security Services

Ransomware Attack Simulations

Our simulations provide insight into your security control failures, offering comprehensive recommendations for remediation and improving your ransomware defense.

Purple Teaming

We simulate real-world cyber-attack techniques on your network to test your defenses, offering hands-on training for your team.

Penetration Testing Services

We provide penetration testing services to identify vulnerabilities in your network before attackers do.

Advanced Phishing Services

We help you stay one step ahead of attackers with our advanced phishing services.

At Delta Force Security, our broad spectrum of services ensures comprehensive protection for your assets and safety. Your security is our mission.